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Elektra super hero

elektra super hero

Elektra is a ninja and assassin who wields two bladed sai as her trademark weapon. She is a love interest of the superhero Daredevil, but her violent nature and. Elektra has demonstrated the ability to mesmerize others, and as such make them see illusions or other phenomena. Mind Switch: Elektra's strangest gift is her. Elektra ist der Name einer Comicreihe um die gleichnamige Comicfigur des Kategorien: Superheld · Comicfigur · Marvel Comics.

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The Beast has been manipulating her. She is proficient with the katana, three-sectioned-staff, and other martial arts weapons. Daredevil then tried to revive Elektra himself. Both Elektra and Daredevil end up getting killed and their souls are taken to the Realm of the Dead. In defeat Nico accuses Elektra of wrong doing and misdeeds. When they arrived, Elektra ordered the S. Even though, up until that point, he had been something of a fumbling hitman and Elektra was top of her game , he succeeded in impaling her on one of her own sai. Domino would engage in battle with Thundra and gain the upper hand. He retaliates by destroying her father's laundromat, and she gravely injures him and forces him to admit his crime. She would not be seen for years until circumstances brought her back to New York City and back to an astonished Matt Murdock. Due to her depiction and overall characterization she is often a highly recognized Marvel property even if she is not known to many outside of the comics media. Elektra would return to hunting down the brainwashed Wolverine, more dangerous than ever and targeting superheroes to kill. In addition to her elite skill with martial-arts weaponry, particularly the sai, she has limited telepathy. Abilities Elektra is an Olympic-level athlete and gymnast, possessing strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and endurance at the pinnacle of human performance. When she is first introduced she encounters Daredevil who at first refuses online games 8 ball pool believe that she was natural power for the enemy. As Wolverine attacks Shikaru, Elektra converses with Mikaru. He refuses and goes on the rampage as the Crimson Dynamos appear. The character is a highly trained assassin of Greek descent who wields a pair of bladed sai as her trademark weapons. Now she's back with vengeance.

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Elektra! The New Superhero Of San Martin She knows something is wrong, yelling at Elektra and Frank, telling them to tell her where the rest of the group is. In the Daredevil film, Elektra is the daughter of billionaire Nikolas Natchios and the love interest of Matt Murdock. Behind The Voice Actors. She is a love interest of the superhero Daredevil , but her violent nature and mercenary lifestyle divide the two. Elektra would inform them which building housed the extremely sensitive information on Daredevil waiting for Murdock to decide how he wanted to deal with the problem considering the FBI were heading to the location to retrieve the papers also.

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She can use them to slash, stab, and throw. One Skrull would teleport attempting to catch up with her yet this would play into Elektra's cunning manipulation as she would attack the left over Skrull, killing them with her sai. In Shadowland storyline, Stick tries to convince Elektra to help stop the Hand from corrupting Matt. The winner gets Abby. Enjoy unlimited streaming on Prime Video.

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Elektra would stand with her sai pressed against the Shrouds throat as Purple Man pontificated, yet when he gave her the order to kill Shroud, Elektra would use the opportunity to attack Purple Man and continue to attack him. Downloads Mobile Apps Podcasts Wallpaper. Physical Attributes Height 5' 9" Weight lbs Eyes Blue Hair Black. Downey June 3, Elektra would further explain that Wolverine had in fact set them up. Orestez advised his father that Elektra needed to learn self-defense. She is resistant to pain and extreme heat and cold. elektra super hero 88 poker aktionscode follows and confronts her on the street, attempting to kill her with her own sai, much like their first encounter. Frank Miller produzierte die Graphic Novel Elektra lives again dt: That's probably why two attempts at an ongoing series have failed. Another Skrull named Pagon was able to defeat her and send hohensyburg casino gewinnen back to Skrull Ships; while Elektra was their prisoner, Pagon acted as her and took over the Hand, making everyone think Elektra had been totally corrupted. But I would also believe that means she has some form of code in accepting such contracts. Physical ndr bingo umweltlotterie enhanced to peak of human potential Master martial artist Low-level mind control and telepathic communication Expert with various types of weaponry, particularly her trademark twin sai. Voller Wut und Trauer ist ihr einziges Ziel die Beherrschung der Kampfkünste.

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